Adam's Page

I hope to make this more interesting at some point. At least I cleaned it up a little

We have two kids.  Zara Columbia Dershowitz was born on July 7th, 2003, and she has her own web page.  Mars Orson Dershowitz was born on July 5th, 2005.  Instead of setting up a web page for him I have been using smugmug.   You can see pictures of him when he was born.  And we have a bunch of other family pictures since then as well at

My wife Hanna Liebman Dershowitz now has her own web page as well at

But for now, you can find the current Dershstock page by going to or you can find some prior ones at and

If you are looking for our wedding page then you can go to  It now has stuff about our actual wedding and honeymoon.  While our older wedding planning page is at

I am a Senior Engineer with Exponent, Failure Analysis Associate.  If you really want to find out more about me you can check out my resume.

Thanks for playing web with me...